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Barley’s Angels is a network of chapters by and for women exploring beer around the world. Barley's Angels chapters expand the appreciation and understanding of craft beer among women through events with craft beer professionals. Chapter events are places to discover how to cook with beer, tricks to pairing beer with food (and chocolate!), what makes the beer you like taste just right, how to buy the right beer, etc.Purpose: Barley's Angels provides women with a comfortable environment to explore and learn about Craft Beer while allowing publicans, brewers and restaurateurs to grow their female customer base by hosting Barley's Angels safe, friendly events.Start a chapter: Bring women & beer together to explore and share in your community. We'll help you. From getting the word out about your chapter, to working with your local venue, and building  your online presence, we can help.Join A chapter: Explore craft beer styles, how craft beer characteristics pair with food flavors, how to cook with food, what you like and don't like of the 100's of varieties available. Meet other women exploring this historic libation.

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