How to Create Pages and Posts

Build a page using “Page Builder”

In this video the creator of Page Builder explains how to build a page. It works exactly the same way for posts. There are minor differences on our site so scroll down for clarification if things become confusing. And as always - call or email me anytime. Cell: 503-933-4105, Ofc (msg): 786-273-9425, Email:

To begin, login here. The login page will open in a new tab, so you'll still have these instructions handy.

Important notes

  • Include a means to contact you and links to your website and social media channels if you're using them.
  • With pages - to get your page in the Menu so that people can find it, send me an email when you've finished it.
  • With posts - When you hit that "publish" button your posts are automatically added to, Facebook, twitter, and Google+. Nice, huh!
  • Comments - They are off by default. Leave them off. I am inundated with hundreds of "Comments" that are selling Uggs boots. Honest. So for now, leave that feature off.
    Also, it makes your page look much cleaner without that big ole' comments form at the bottom.
  • Please do not make your page the "Home page".


Little differences and hints

Our layout is a bit different than what Greg is using in the video. Here are some tips and explanation.

New Page menu

After you login, you're taken to the dashboard. Here is where the "Add New Page" menu selection is to get started:

Add new page menu locationClick image to enlarge


Styling Rows

You can add background images, borders and margins to each row. Click the gear above the row's right corner for the pop-up controls.Row Settings


Add Post menu

The only difference between adding a post and adding a page is where you begin.

Add Post menuClick image to enlarge


Color selector

The color selector in the row settings is the same color selector you will find elsewhere on this site.

Color selectorClick image to enlarge



Adding Photos, Videos, and Audio

Whether adding media to posts or pages in the Visual Editor widget or the default (built in) editor the process is the same.

Keep in mind that images should be no more than 160 pixels per inch, and that  72 pixels per inch are standard. This keeps the size manageable so that they load onto viewers devices quickly.

Audio files must be in mp3 format.

Click the Add Media button to the left and above the editor tools shown below.

Add Media with Visual Editor widget

The Media Installer opens. Click and drag your media (photo,or audio file) onto the media installer . When you release the mouse, it will upload.
Adding image

Click to image to enlarge


Be sure to adjust the settings to your liking and click the install button here:
Inserting media

Click image to enlarge

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