Ticket Pricing Calculator

  • DO NOT CHANGE FORMULAS IN GREY CELLS. Reload page to reset all fields.
  • Price per head Get this from the venue contact. Cost for all food and beer that’s included in event-per guest.
  • Gratuity May seem high to some, but will ensure happy staff, goes a long way with venue relationships. Make sure venue has not included an automatic gratuity in the price per head amount.
  • Margins Amount, if any, of proceeds being donated to a cause, and net profit after expense to chapter.
  • Desired % for net profit desired/retained after expenses are paid. How they are used is up to you. Use for chapter operating costs, such as website fees. And to up-front expenses for next event – ideally eliminate all out-of-pocket costs. Or to fund purchasing of inventory of merchandise to sell, banners, signs, raffle items, gifts for speakers, etc.
  • Base price This figure does not account for costs included under Adjustments. It is not advised to omit price adjustments. Everyone deserves to be compensated for their work and no one expects you to work for free.
  • Adjustments You must factor in the number of tickets/seats that will be comped to avoid loosing money. i.e. presenters, press, yourself, and any others. Some guesswork is required here.
  • * Guess-timate total number of tickets you expect to sell. Enter in Projected ticket sales.
  • Number comped Number of people that will be participating and are not being charged a ticket price. i.e. Presenters, press, organizer, you.
  • Marketing Any costs incurred promoting event- gas putting up posters, paying postering company, printing posters/copies. Tally all receipts (for printing sign sheets, name tags, stickers, pens, postage, envelopes, etc.) Include fee for photographer if applicable, and anything that you need to purchase for event.
  • All paid advertising costs Include classified and calender listings.
  • Labor – time is money. Event set up, break down, acquisition and transport of supplies, speakers, time spent promoting, and hosting event.

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