Ticket Pricing Tips

TicketsExcerpt from email to new chapter founders,

from Barley’s Angels director, Christine Jump

This was composed as a stream of consciousness/brainstorm. The intent of sharing this excerpt is to stimulate ideas. Take what might work for you, and leave the rest.


You must recover your costs at the very least. The amount over costs that you’d like to achieve is up to you. More on that later.

First I invite you to call after 5 pm Pacific Standard Time if you’d like to discuss any of this. I think I should but together some forms to help chapters calculate prices. [Done. Found in here: http://barleysangels.org/membersonly/ticket_wksht.htm]

Get a price per head from Local Option that includes both the beer and the food and that will be your base price.
Then consider compensating yourself and or a chapter fund for the work that is invested producing the event. Without it you’ll burn out.
If you are making posters include those costs and your gas spent running around if needed. And the cost of any tickets you are willing to provide press.

At our first meeting we had those attending sign in, and pay me the ticket price. The venue gave me a price per head and presented me with that tab at the end of the event. I then paid the tab – Oh yeah calculate a tip in your markup. Some of the ladies purchased pints during the event too – and paid those tabs themselves. Signing in also gave us a way to let folks know when the next event was planned.

Take a group photo before you get started. It’s just the easiest time to get that done and so wonderful to have.

You may be able to get the local beverage distributor to provide some kind of promotional materials for around the venue – depending on the laws in your area.

I have media information for in the Chicago area that we can sent a press release to. If you’d like me to put it together and send it out, tell me more about your plans. Remember that it needs to answer who, what, when, where and why questions. And include you’re contact info.
You can view the latest press release I’m sending out here: http://barleysangels.org/ I’ll can change that to your press release on the 14th if you’d like to schedule it – let me know.

  • Is Local Option planning the menu and pairing? No more than 4 ounces of beer paired with a bite of something yummy is needed. In fact I’ve received feedback that 4 ounces was too much when we sampled 10 beers. Will someone be introducing the beers and courses? What styles of beer will be served. Are doing a beer and cheese, or beer and chocolate or sampling the beer with a variety of bites. Is there a theme?.

Be sure to let local calendars know (newspaper, community papers, public google calendars.world_currency
Is Local Option putting up posters or posting to their social media?

I will get it out on our social media too. I can put the/press release on our website too. We have twitter, facebook, google+, pinterest, flickr.

It’s after midnight here and I must get some sleep before work in the morn. I want to put together a spreadsheet to help calculate these things.But am having trouble keeping my eyes open just now. Wanted to get back to you though. Let’s talk on the phone so I can answer your specific questions.




This email was sent in regard to using out-of-pocket expenses to keep ticket prices down.

I want to caution you about out of pocket expenses. I know it will happen at times. And I sincerely hope that shirt sales can help prevent this for your chapter. But be very cautious because it’s a quick way to take the passion out of what your doing with Barley’s Angels Chicago.
The food requirement of chapters can be as simple as a bite per taster of beer. We once served ten 4 ounce tasters each with different bites: Marion berry Chutney on a dinner cracker (was amazing with a triple Belgian ale), a bite of chocolate, cheese on a cracker, slider (dollar sized sandwich), a bit of prosciutto on a toothpick, cherry tomato speared with basil. And so on. We put them together using items that were already used on their existing menu so there were no additional costs to the venue/caterer for specialty items.
I often begin with the cost per person in mind, and see what the chef/venue proposes for the food portion of that rate. Usually, given creative license they come up with amazing pairing ideas.
I strongly advise that your ticket prices cover the costs per person at the very least. And I completely understand how challenging it can be. People will still come! And folks know that there are costs involved.

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