Last updated 9/10/23

  • What is Barley’s Angels?
    We are a global organization of knowledgeable women sharing craft beer with women.
  • When was Barley’s Angels started?
    Barley’s Angels were founded by members of the Pink Boots Society. In February 2011 the first chapter event was held at Rogue Ales Public House in Portland Oregon. Master Brewer an professional beer judge Teri Fahrendorf co-presented select pairings with Meghan Flynn, publisher of Beer Northwest magazine.
  • How may Barley’s Angels chapters are there?
    We have grown to 128 chapters in nine countries as of 11/28/2022
  • Where have Barley’s Angels chapters formed?
    Chapters have formed in six countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Italy, England, USA.
  • Are there rules?
    Chapters operate somewhat autonomously with few exceptions. For example Chapters:
    • Must be established by a woman.
    • Must charge a fee of some kind for people to attend events.
    • All events are for women with the exception of presenters and media.
    • Each chapter may decide to open membership to anyone identifying as a women
  • What is Barley’s Angels reach?
    Last polled in 2014 we found our total average annual attendance at events was over 14,300.
    There was an average of 482 Barley’s Angels events world wide 2013-2014
    6010 Internet presence/reach in last 30 days. (As of 9/30/12, using Twitter & Facebook friends, likes/reach).
  • What is the purpose of Barley’s Angels?
    • Encourage education and interest in beer among this demographic group.
    • Advance the female craft beer consumer.
    • Work with craft-beer focused breweries, brewpubs, restaurants in creating a comfortable environment for female consumers.
    • Or as the London Chapter organizer Melissa Cole puts it:

This movement was started by the world’s leading female beer experts who decided it’s time to combat crap brews, and its side-kick bad beer image, and get women all over the globe enjoying incredible artisan ale (and lager!).

These kick-ass experts, including the London Chapter Arch Angel Melissa Cole, will be unmasking the evil myths that hold their fellow females back from the truth of craft beer, helping them unmask the incredible flavours found in these artisan products and bashing down the doors of beer prejudice wherever they find them.


Barley’s Angels is not just a social, beer-drinking club for women. Barley’s Angels respect beer and brewing, have a thirst for education, enjoy beer responsibly and act appropriately at all times.