Next steps & the fine print

Details for Activities

  1. After you’ve identified the woman that will sponsor your Barley’s Angels Chapter, go to Barley’s Angels sign-up page, submit your online application with the $25 annual fee.
  2. Check the website for suggestions on what works for the first meeting and some tips and pointers for what you will need for that first meeting. You can also contact Director Christine Jump with questions and further assistance.
  3. Your meeting space must be licensed to serve beer according to your local regulations, so your Barley’s Angels chapter will typically meet in a brewery tasting room, a brewpub, a pub, tap house, or restaurant. In addition to the regulations detailed in becoming and maintaining a Barley’s Angels chapter, you must also agree to follow any house rules and regulations established by this meeting space or work with the space for mutually agreed-upon special circumstances. It is okay for your chapter to take “field trips” and hold meetings at other locations, such as other breweries, festivals, home brew clubs or stores, etc., provided that those locations and the “field trip” meeting still meets all the other Barley’s Angels requirements detailed in this document.
  4. In addition to being listed on the Barley’s Angels website, you should publicize your Barley’s Angels chapter several ways: List your meetings under Events on, your own website, and/or that of the establishment that hosts your chapter. Send details about the meetings in your newsletters and/or the host establishment’s. Mention how to join on the host establishment’s menus, table tents, bulletin boards, and other means of communication within and surrounding the host establishment. You also will want to consider social media, such as your host establishment’s Facebook or Twitter page, or set up one specifically for your Barley’s Angels chapter. The host establishment can also link to the Barley’s Angels website (and your listing) from its website. Ultimately we’ll be adding a calendar to this website that will allow chapter sponsors to add events and participants to add the info to their own calendars with one click. Other forms of communication might include beer-related blogs, Craig’s List, newspaper or “brewspaper” ads, and any other way you publicize the host establishment.
  5. Host your first Barley’s Angels event. We will be creating some online information with tips and tricks for a successful meeting. And you can always share your experiences and read the details of other Barley’s Angels meetings online as well. Be sure to take photos! We’d love to post some on the website.
  6. Please plan on holding at least four regular meetings a year at your chapter’s “home” location. More meetings are encouraged, of course, and those can be held in other locations. If you are a chapter organizer who isn’t involved (via employment, for example) with just one brewery, and you want to hold Barley’s Angels meetings at different locations, it is wise to have a website we can link to on the Barley’s Angels website listings with all your Barley’s Angels meetings, dates, times and locations.